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 Gérald Ubassy

Gérald Ubassy

Numerous prizes and references demonstrate that Gérald Ubassy is one of the most accomplished representatives of dental laboratory science in France. He completed his initial training as a dental technician in Montpellier in 1979. In 1982, he established a private laboratory and specialized in ceramics. He won an award in the Comet-Cd Pen Contest in 1984 and received the gold medal as Best Technician in France in 1986. His publications in French and German journals and his presentations at international symposia and seminars have established his reputation well beyond France. His first technical book entitled “Shape and Colour” (published by Quintessenz in 1992) in German, French, English, Italian, and Japanese has been well received by the professional world. Another successful book entitled “Analysis – the new way in dental communication” was published by Editrice M.E.A. srl in 1996.
“Tips and tricks”, was published by teamwork media srl in 2008. His latest textbook, “Watch and do it yourself”, was published in 2016 by Gérald Ubassy.

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